Who We Treat


Who We Treat

Because we utilize a number of techniques and services we are able to help a broad range of people. Our methods are safe and effective for just about everyone, from kids, seniors, and pregnant women, to athletes and even those with disabilities.

Unique Populations We Treat In Our Office

TMJ and TMD (Jaw pain, bite problems, and associated issues)

Dr. Scoppa is one of the few non-dentists in the area that specializes in TMJ analysis and treatment. Often the TMJ is compensating for issues in other parts of the body, but there is also the possibility of the TMJ being the primary issue. We evaluate whether the jaw is primary or secondary, and look for possible causes of both. Sometimes we are able to help alleviate jaw pain utilizing our methods alone, while other times we will co-manage with a dentist or orthodontist to help alleviate jaw pain and dysfunction. There are many things to consider with jaw pain, including occlusion issues, cross bites, apnea problems, cervical tension, ligament laxity in the TMJ, etc.

Babies and Kids

As any parent knows, babies and young kids can bounce back pretty quickly, and typically this population gets the fastest results in our office because they don’t have the years of stress and compounding problems that we develop as we age. We utilize a very gentle method aimed at restoring stability to the nervous system by releasing tension within the dural system. Treatments typically involve light contacts and pressure to the sacrum (the triangle shaped bone between your pelvis, and below your low back), and to the skull, as well as the spine itself. Some indications that your child might need treatment are: colic, acid reflux, torticollis, and visible asymmetries in the face, head, or pelvis.

Case report: 1.5 year old with viral induced fever and vomiting that had been going on for over two full days. The baby was alert and active, but clearly not comfortable and had a fever of 102.4 at the time of her visit. After SOT chiropractic and cranial treatment she became tired and the mother reported that she fell asleep shortly after her appointment, which she had trouble doing prior due to discomfort. The mother took her temperature 30 minutes after her appointment and her temperature was 97.8 and she was fully recovered thereafter.

Case report: 8 year old with ADHD, trouble sleeping, and nighttime urinary incontinence that had been going on for around a year. The parents had tried many traditional chiropractic methods, upper cervical chiropractic, as well as psychology and prescription drugs without getting a result. SOT chiropractic and cranial treatment were administered, as well as single herbs and neurotransmitter precursors. Within two visits the boy was going to sleep without any issue, and within a handful of visit the urinary incontinence had ceased. The ADHD persisted for another five or six sessions and eventually got better over the next few months once the herbs and neurotransmitter precursors had built up in the child’s body.

Pregnant Women

Because of all the changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy, it’s very common to experience symptoms of low back pain, neck pain, TMJ problems, etc. This occurs for two main reasons: 1. A hormone called relaxin is released that makes your connective tissue very lax and loose. 2. To prepare for your delivery, your pelvis expands causing instability in the SI joints, or weight bearing base of your body.

We safely and effectively help maintain SI joint stability, and treat the SI joint and other areas of the body utilizing methods that are low force or non-force. This is extremely important because a pregnant woman’s joints are already moving too much, so fast and forceful adjustments are contraindicated and could potentially make the person’s pain worse.


Athletes tend to come to us either because they want to increase their efficiency and effectiveness, OR because they have a sports related injury. Often times with athletes certain movement or exercises are actually causing many of their issues, and once those obstacles are removed they heal very quickly. Another barrier we often find is a lack of proper rehab and rest, and the adrenal glands become exhausted causing issues in muscles.

We look at athletes from a functional perspective and want their muscles firing symmetrically, with a strong base (SI joint). For example, if you’re an athlete that relies on speed and running, you want to make sure your hip flexors are firing to prevent calf and hamstring problems. If you’re an athlete in a throwing sport, you want to make sure the muscles around your shoulder are firing symmetrically to prevent any one muscle from becoming overloaded.

Patients With Disabilities

We have had patients experiencing a wide range of disorders and impairments, and since we are able to perform most of our therapies with a patient sitting, standing, or laying down we are able to work on many people that would otherwise have to go without treatment. Results with this demographic can vary widely based on the person’s state of health and function, but with this population sometimes “small” gains can make a huge difference in a person’s quality of life (for example, being able to lift a few fingers, or sleep for a few more hours a night, or have fewer seizures).

Hypermobile Conditions (General Hypermobility Syndrome, Marfan’s, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, etc.)

We have a technique that is safe and effective for those suffering from hyper mobility issues, and work to gain stability in the body. This starts with stability in the SI joints and TMJ, which are rich in proprioceptors and have a strong ascending and descending influence on the body.