Services We Offer


Services We Offer

Dr. Scoppa uses numerous techniques and tools to help his patients. What he uses with each patient varies greatly depending on the individual. Here is a list of most of the tools and techniques utilized in our office:


SOT Chiropractic

Low Force Spinal Adjustments

Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing

TMJ analysis and treatment

muscle activation and deactivation techniques

Extremity adjustments (shoulders, elbows, knees, etc.)

Blood Work (we can order any and all blood work, and the sample can be taken from any Lab Corp draw site)

Herbal Medicine

Nutritional Supplements

Basic Bite Guards (dental orthotic)

SI support belts

Toe spacers

Graston and other myofascial techniques


Infrared Light Therapy

Movement based rehab and exercise

Fantastic referral and co-management list of other healthcare professionals

Ability to refer for imaging (MRI, X-Ray, etc)

Again, the specific services we utilize varies on a patient by patient basis.