Low Back Pain


Low Back Pain

The low back area is a common place that people have pain for a number of reasons:

1. The covering of the brain and spinal cord, called the dura mater, has anchor points in the bottom of the spine at the sacrum (just below the low back) and at the top of the body in the cranium. So if there is tension in this dural system it tends to show up in the two areas closest to these anchor points (the jaw, head, and neck, and on the other end in the low back).

2. There are a number of tissues that overlap in this area, so with more structures present there is more likelihood that one of them can have an issue.

3. Some of the larger muscles of the body connect to the pelvis, and when the pelvis loses neurologic stability those large muscles will tighten up to protect the joints of the spine and SI joint.

ALL low back pain is a combination of muscle AND joint issues.

Solutions for back pain…

Simply cracking the spine will not resolve low back pain, nor will exercises alone. We take a multifocal approach to the complex problem that is low back pain:

1. We determine what structures are involved. We do not use cookie cutter approaches.

2. We utilize a combination of myofascial work (the connective tissue of the body), muscle release, and structural work to ensure the problem is dealt with correctly. This way the muscles AND joints are assessed, and in most cases you will be given a list of things to AVOID, as well as some home exercises that will prevent the problem from returning. Once neurologic stability has returned and the inflammatory process is under control, you’ll be able to maintain your results through exercises you perform at home, as well as avoiding things that could induce flare-ups.