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What kind of conditions or ailments does Dr. Scoppa treat?

Dr. Scoppa has helped patients experiencing a wide variety of symptoms and ailments, some of which include TMJ, neck pain and dysfunction, headaches, adrenal fatigue, and sports injuries. He is the only doctor in the state certified in craniopathy (CSCP), is the only doctor in the state certified in SOT and AK, and is a certified chiropractic sports practitioner (CCSP). Dr. Scoppa regularly treats babies and young children and frequently gets referrals from lactation consultants, duolas, and pediatricians. Additionally, he has advanced training and certifications in the evaluation and management of TMJ pain and dysfunction and works with some of the best dentists in the area.

Does Dr. Scoppa treat a lot of athletes? If so, which types?

Yes. Dr. Scoppa sees many athletes, from amateur, to semi pro, to professional. We primarily see track and field athletes, basketball players, and soccer players, though there is overlap with most leg dominant sports. We take a unique approach to sports injuries and injury prevention in athletes, focusing on proprioception, neurologic changes in the way the body distributes weight and causes muscles to fire/not fire, and symmetry.

Does Dr. Scoppa see a lot of TMJ cases?

Dr. Scoppa sees many cases of TMJ, and it’s something he specializes in. In many cases his treatment alone is enough to get a result, but in some cases he will suggest co-management with a dentist or referral to a dentist if there are issues with occlusion or prior orthodontic work that wasn’t done with holistic function in mind.

How long is an office visit? 

The initial visit typically takes a little over an hour, while an existing visit is between 20-30 minutes.

When can I expect to feel/experience a result? 

This obviously varies significantly from person to person, but it’s not uncommon for patients to feel some changes after the first few visits, if not after the first visit.

Do treatments involve drugs or surgery?


Do you require x-rays or other special tests before beginning treatment?

Unless there has been major trauma or we suspect serious pathology, we don’t require any special imaging or tests. We can get all the information we need through our exam without subjecting patients to needless radiation exposure or extra costs.

For patients seeing Dr. Scoppa for hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, lab work and other special tests might need to be ordered.

For patients experiencing dybiosis, metal toxicity, leaky gut, food sensitivities, etc.,  we have used lab testing in the past and find it to be extremely unreliable. The data on these tests also supports this, and we didn’t find it was worth the extra time and expense to the patient. We now test for these things in-house using kinesiology testing that is unlike what anyone else in the area is doing. Kinesiology testing is often done poorly, but if done correctly with multiple ways to confirm, we’ve found it to be incredibly reliable.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?

Because we are usually busy and want to ensure we can spend enough time with each of out patients, we are unable to accept walk-in appointments. As of February, our typical wait time for a new patient is around one week.

What is craniopathy/cranial work? 

Please refer to this blog post.

What is dysbiosis? 

Please refer to this blog post.


Does Dr. Scoppa Prescribe A lot of Supplements? 

No. And in fact we end up taking people off of many supplements that aren’t helping, and in some cases are actually creating harm. Many doctors, naturopaths in particular, take a “kitchen sink” approach when it comes to supplements, throwing every possible supplement at the problem and having patients take them indefinitely. We believe this approach is problematic for a number of reasons, and instead we do the proper testing to figure out exactly what’s wrong and target supplements to address that problem. Except in cases of autoimmune conditions, most people only need one or two rounds of a few supplements in order to get over whatever they come in with. We rarely put people on more than four products at a time, and find that in most cases symptoms clear and those products are no longer needed.

Does Dr. Scoppa prescribe exercises? 

Yes, but only in specific cases and making sure they are the right exercises for the individual. Exercises alone usually won’t improve back pain symptoms long-term, this is clearly evident in numerous professional athletes that are in top shape structurally and exercise for a living, yet still experience back pain (Steve Nash is the most recent athlete we’ve heard of experiencing this problem).

In many cases we tend to take people off more exercises/stretches as we end up putting people on, as they are exacerbating the existing injury. With back pain, typically people pile on exercises and this is the wrong approach to do too much in regards to exercises/rehab. Many of these exercises/stretches make people worse or actually create a low back issue.


Insurance and Cost Questions

Does Dr. Scoppa’s office bill insurance?

To ensure a high level of care Dr. Scoppa is not contracted with any insurance companies, and will be deemed as “out of network”. Payment is expected at the time of service, and we will gladly supply you with a super bill that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement in the amount your plan specifies. We ARE able to take HSA and FSA accounts, as well as car accident cases. In regards to Medicare, we can see patients 65+ but unfortunately we cannot bill Medicare, so all charges must be paid by the patient.

Please note that payment for all services, by all patients, is expected at the time of service unless other arrangements are discussed prior to treatment.

Why operate this way? In short, we can offer a much higher level of care operating in the manner. To take insurance it would mean signing a contract with the insurance companies, essentially becoming their employee. Having people with no training in healthcare dictating the care of our patients is not something we want to be a part of. They push practitioners to limit visits to less than ten minutes, and we have found that it’s impossible to maintain our high standard of care in that amount of time.

We understand this is inconvenient, but in the end we can get much better results at a faster rate by practicing this way. There is no perfect system but we have worked hard to create a system where patients can still get reimbursed while we’re able to provide you with the most thorough care in the area. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” certainly applies here,  as you can see a traditional chiropractor 2 times a week for a year and get limited results, even though the copay might be $10. The same goes for Naturopaths, where much of the care is not covered by insurance anyway.

Does Dr. Scoppa see Medicare patients?

Dr. Scoppa can see patients who are on Medicare, however we cannot bill Medicare and all payment would be due at the time of service. Unfortunately Medicare doesn’t pay for cranial work.

Does Dr. Scoppa see PI cases/car accident cases? 

Yes. We are able to bill your PI claim in cases of car accidents.

How Much Does It Cost For An Office Visit With Dr. Scoppa?

We take a holistic approach and spend more time on each visit than virtually any other provider in the area (Around 1.5 hours for the first visit, and around 30 minutes for follow-ups). The following is our price list:

For patients 11 and older:    New Patient Visit- $215    Return Visits- $115

For ages 0-9:    New Patient Visit- $172       Return Visit- $45

How Much Do Labs Cost?

A full panel of blood work is around $350, which is usually the top dollar amount. Anything less than this would obviously cost less, depending on what is needed. The full panel consists of 61 biomarkers and 13 items evaluated in urinalysis. Click here for details.


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