High Blood Pressure- a case report

Recently an 80 year old male patient came in for a follow up visit, with a chief complaint of high blood pressure. Though his blood pressure is traditionally slightly high, in the two weeks leading up to his appointment his blood pressure fluctuated slightly but tested at 164/95, give or take a few points. On the day of his appointment, immediately before getting treated his blood pressure was 151/99


Treatment included SOT category 1 protocol (but not prone pelvic blocking given that his leg length was even), sutural work, correction of spinal misalignments, and extremity work in his ankles, knees, and hips bilaterally. A cranial technique was administered that increases parasympathetic activity via the vagus nerve, which brings the body into a more relaxed state so that healing can take place.

Immediately after his treatment his blood pressure was retested, 117/74. A week later at his follow up appointment the result was maintained, with a blood pressure of 126/78 (which was consistent throughout the days leading up to his follow up). No other changes were made to his routine during this time. Although more research is needed, SOT cranial work and SOT technique could provide a potential alternative to hypertension medications.

Blood pressure taken immediately before treatment:

Blood pressure taken immediately after treatment:

Blood pressure taken at follow up appointment a week later:


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