Pediatric Chiropractors

Pediatric Chiropractors

Babies and kids are a big part of our patient base here at northwest structural medicine, but there are alot of misconceptions in regards to what pediatric chiropractic entails.  What differentiates a pediatric chiropractor from a regular chiropractor? Are they safe? Would it be a good option for my child?

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we encounter!

Are chiropractors trained in pediatrics?
Not really. There are one or two required courses that focus more on emergency procedures, mile-stones, etc. but very little, if any, actually treatment methods are discussed for this special population. It’s important to look for someone with advanced training in pediatric chiropractic. Most traditional chiropractic techniques would not be safe or useful when adjusting a baby or young child. Which leads us to…

(pediatric chiropractor in training)

Is it safe for my child to see pediatric chiropractors?
If the individual has had advanced training and regularly sees children, yes it should be safe. But just like with any type of doctor you will find styles, personalities, and techniques that resonate better with you, or that are flat out more effective than others.

Will my baby or child be adjusted by a pediatric chiropractor?
Yes, but not in a traditional way in terms of high velocity, popping type of adjustment that is commonly associated with chiropractic. Treatments should be gentle and focus more on the head and sacrum/pelvis rather than the spine itself. Cranial work, light force techniques such as Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), and/or instrument assisted adjustments are generally safe bets. Babies and kids respond much quicker than adults and don’t need (and don’t do well) with aggressive or too frequent of a treatment schedule. Additionally, most of their issues tend to be found in the head and sacrum rather than the spine itself. This is due to the way the nervous system is constructed, and due to the birthing process itself.

Why would I take my baby or child to a pediatric chiropractor?
We frequently get referrals from duolas, pediatricians, and lactation consultants for issues such as torticollis, feeding or latching issues, indigestion, constipation, or general fussiness.


How often should I take my child to a pediatric chiropractor?
Don’t be surprised if you only need to go a few times for the symptoms to be resolved. The younger the child, the faster he/she responds to care. Obviously this depends on the child and the problem, but it’s not unusual for us to see our younger patients around once a week for 3-4 weeks, then we won’t see them again until they fall off the swing in preschool =)


Have specific questions about your child? Feel free to schedule a free phone consult with the doctor to see if pediatric chiropractic is a good choice for your little one.

Some nice feedback from our patients, via our Yelp page:

“Dr. Scoppa was recommended to me by a lactation consultant when I was having low milk supply issues while nursing my 7 week old baby.  We only had to go twice and he is wonderful.  Dr. Scoppa always made sure I was comfortable with what he was about to do and explained everything in a way I could understand. If I had any questions, he was very patient and caring. Before Dr. Scoppa, I was a bit of a skeptic because I always feel they just want customers so they will tell you to come in 3 times a week forever but he is different. I left feeling he wants to do long term care and really getting to the root of the problem. If I trust Scoppa with my newborn, of course, I recommend him to anybody, babies and adults.”

“I had the most wonderful experience bringing my 6 week old baby to be treated by Dr. Scoppa! He is kind, attentive, patient and is truly a pro at what he does. I am looking forward to booking an appointment for myself (and the rest of my family as well!)”


Dr. Jason Scoppa
Pediatric Chiropractors Seattle

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