How we manage non-pain complaints


In an effort to make our process clear to present and future patients, we are laying down the basic steps in our decision making process for all non-pain complaints. Non-pain complaints can include things such as fatigue, weight issues, thyroid problems, autoimmune conditions, digestive complaints, and more.

  1. Analyze the intake forms, especially the metabolic assessment form (MAF).
  2. Look at labs you’ve had done recently, and if none have been done (or very few have been done), potentially order labs.
  3. Depending on what comes back regarding the labs, some issues may be addressed right away (anemias, etc).
  4. Test for and manage potential issues relating to gut dysbiosis, low level infections, food sensitivities, metal and chemical toxicities. We test for these in-house, no labs are necessary.
  5. Redo metabolic assessment form, and whatever areas haven’t been improved by addressing the steps in #4, focus on those issues.
  6. As symptoms lessen, create a long-term and sustainable plan for the patient to follow. This may include diet, lifestyle, supplement advice.

By roughly following this plan we have found that is drastically decreases the number of supplements needed, and ultimately leads to faster and more sustainable results.

Dr. Scoppa has worked hard to streamline this process so that compliance is high and results come as quickly as possible. However, while it doesn’t require a high number of office visits, this plan does require a lot of will power and effort on behalf of patients to strictly follow the advice given by the doctor. If patients are lax in following the doctor’s directions outside of the office, results are hard to come by. This may include dietary restrictions (or additions), limiting exposure to certain metals or chemicals, and supplement advice (often he has people take less than what they are currently taking).

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