Sports Medicine Doctor Seattle


Sports Medicine Doctor Seattle

Dr. Scoppa is a sports medicine doctor in Seattle that has successfully worked on athletes at various stages of their development, from amateurs to professionals. He utilizes a holistic approach to sports medicine that focuses on structural integrity and symmetry, soft tissue release, proprioceptive adaptation, and looking at other factors that are commonly involved in difficult to manage sports injuries (food sensitivities, adrenal fatigue, anemias, etc.)

Some athletes come to us when they have seen an orthopedist or physical therapist and haven’t gotten the result they were looking for, or want something safe to increase their healing time while simultaneously going through PT, rehab, or post-surgery. Others come to us as a preventative measure to decrease the likelihood of getting injured, or to increase athletic performance.

If you have a question about your own injury and would like to see if Dr. Scoppa would be the right doctor for you, click here to schedule a free phone consult.



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