What Is SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique)?


What Is SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique)?

Dr. Jason Scoppa is a board certified S.O.T. Practitioner and an instructor of S.O.T. (Sacro Occipital Technique)

S.O.T. is a highly analytical chiropractic technique which was developed by Dr. M.B. DeJarnette. It was one of the earliest techniques (dating back to 1925) and remains one of the most progressive, contemporary, and thoroughly researched techniques available to chiropractors today. In S.O.T., the doctor understands three main subluxation patterns alter normal body function.

Each subluxation pattern is called a category. Each category has its own analysis and adjusting procedures. Category I addresses subluxation patterns which involve the central nervous system directly, relating to the tension within the dural system. Category II comprises a primary subluxation of the posterior sacroiliac (SI) joint and the musculoskeletal compensations which result from pelvic instability, including TMJ, extremity complaints, and muscle tension. Category III consists of a primary lumbar instability or vertebral subluxation, and its resulting complications (disc issues).

S.O.T. practitioners utilize full spine adjusting techniques as well as pelvic wedges to balance the pelvis and facilitate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the central nervous system. This allows the body to efficiently adapt to both environmental and gravitational stress. An indicator system is used to determine what category the patient is in, what needs to be addressed, and when treatment is completed.

In addition, there are SOT indicators for when to address issues involving the soft tissue, extremities, TMJ, viscera, and the cranium. When considering all those areas mentioned, S.O.T. becomes one of the most unique and comprehensive approaches to chiropractic today.

One of the most unique and effective tools in SOT is craniopathy, or cranial work. Typically performed by advanced SOT practitioners, cranial work involves assessing and treating dural restrictions and sutural stress within the cranial vault. This takes many years to learn, and SOT cranial is widely considered the most advanced, thorough, and effective form of craniopathy in use today. It is considerably different than more energetic based forms of cranial work, such as craniosacral therapy and Upledger based cranial work.

This is a powerful tool and Dr. Scoppa uses it regularly to help his patients.

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