What Is Dysbiosis?


What Is Dysbiosis?

In our body there is a perpetual tug of war going on between microbes in our body, all vying for control and a larger share of the pie. By microbes, I mean viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and biofilms.

Let’s get one thing clear straight away. We all have these things living in our body at all times, and    there are actually many benefits that we incur as a result of their being there (the best example of thing are probiotics in the intestines). However, there are also many drawbacks to certain organisms being in our body, specifically if they are able to multiple or grow into more than our body can balance on its own.

Dysbiosis, then, is one of two situations:

1. When bugs that aren’t supposed to be present, ARE present.

2. When bug that are normally present but have grown larger or multiplied into more than what our body can keep in balance.

We don’t guess when it comes to which microbes are problematic, and lab testing is terribly inconsistent and expensive. We utilize a special way of testing that both the doctor and patient clearly know which organisms are problematic, then we can specifically test which food or supplement (usually herbs) can negate the microbe. Since many of the therapies we use are multi-focal, patients typically don’t need to be on more than a couple of products even though they might have multiple microbes that are testing as being problematic.

Symptoms of Dysbiosis tend to be very general, some of which include:


Poor Memory

Feeling ‘spacey’, brain fog


Vaginal discharge, itching

Irritability, moodiness, depression

Food sensitivities

Constipation or diarrhea

Chronic subluxations




Headaches, sinusitis

Abdominal pain, bloating

Obesity or inability to lose weight



Chronic rashes, itching

Rectal itching

Chemical sensitivities

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